Autumn Ambition Whispering Woods Sh Boom WCF Commercial ACS Grains Taxi Driver An Autumn Ride Tomorrow Career Poster
Autumn Ambition



This movie branding design was created surrounding the film Taxi Driver directed by Martin Scorsese. BrimmerMedia chose an old movie and re-branded it as if it were being refreshed in 2019. Posterization and grunge textures made this poster feel old and broken down as the original Taxi Driver film makes New York feel. We chose to complete a movie poster, billboard, and web advertisement. The three pieces were made to be part of a cohesive marketing strategy. The designs all feature the same color scheme, logo, grunge, and posterization to add emphasis to their association. A premiere date is featured on the billboard to give the viewer quick information about when to see the film. Buttons to purchase tickets and watch the film trailer are seen on the web advertisement to provide the viewer links to more information about the film and assist them in navigating the website.